Construction and special equipment

One of the most powerful and priority areas of the Region-2001 business is the provision of construction services, as well as rental of specialized construction equipment. The presence of its own vehicle fleet, which includes more than 20 vehicles (including truck cranes, motor graders, excavators, bulldozers, overall cargo vehicles, etc.), allows us to successfully cope with the largest orders. For many construction companies and firms, renting specialized building equipment is often the most rational solution, given the cost of professional equipment by modern standards. Specialized construction machinery for rent is the best solution when such equipment is needed for a short period of time, and its acquisition into property will be fraught with only financial losses. Contacting a representative of the Region-2001 enterprise by phone, you can discuss all the issues of cooperation, find out the exact prices for services, place an order. Our company practices an individual approach to each client, we always take into account all the wishes of the client, in order to provide the best possible service.
Services in construction of houses, cottages in Ukraine

ZPHP "Region-2001" provides a full range of construction services: from design and survey works to the construction of high-rise buildings and structures, repair and construction works at private and industrial facilities. Enterprise "Region-2001" provides professional services on the basis of all necessary permits and licenses. The enterprise has a large front of work performed in the construction sector, in particular, the list of developed objects of architecture deserves special attention, as well as successful projects for the construction of new roads with a hard surface. Large-scale projects of cooperation with well-known national brands, companies and enterprises (Coca-Cola Beverages Ukraine Limited, Spetsstroy, Reinars Ukraine, Raben, Top Trance, etc.) prove that ZPHP Region-2001 "Is a truly reliable business partner with an impeccable reputation.
We always provide rental of construction equipment, services for the construction of houses and cottages in the cities of: Kiev, Brovary, Borispol, Baryshevka, Chernigov, Kipti, Nizhin, Kozelets, Nosovka, Bobrovica, Oster, Zgurovka, Yagotin and other towns and villages of Ukraine.

Monolithic construction
Rental of construction machinery
Construction of houses, cottages