Recycling of Secondary Waste

Production of the most diverse products with time only increases, which, naturally, entails an increase in the amount of garbage and waste - household and industrial. Every year, one resident of Ukraine creates about 230-300 kg of solid waste, 12 million tons of solid waste - such a sad annual statistics can boast Ukrainians. However, such a disappointing statistics for some reason does not motivate the majority of the people of the country who so strive for the European Union, to reduce the accumulation of waste, their further utilization and processing. Only 5% of solid household waste is used today in Ukraine as raw material for secondary use.
Why are there such problems with recycling of waste paper, scrap metal, plastic and other wastes in Ukraine? There are at least two answers to this question:

There is practically no separate collection system for MSW components.
There are not enough capacities for utilization and processing of used raw materials, including - individual components of solid domestic waste.

Zagotovitelno-industrial enterprise "Region-2001" carries out primary processing of secondary raw materials in large volumes, only recycled paper monthly the enterprise processes more than 2500 tons.
Transportation, collection, storage and other operations in the sphere of handling hazardous wastes "Region-2001" is carried out on the basis of a state license.
Recycling of garbage and production waste in Kiev and Ukraine
Processing of industrial waste and household garbage in Kiev and Ukraine has great prospects for development. On the other hand, the provision of waste management services and the recycling of raw materials requires substantial investment, so there is a deficit in Ukraine with processing plants and enterprises. Blanket-production enterprise "Region-2001" is a responsible business partner, which you can really trust. The enterprise constantly expands the list of services in the sphere of work with secondary raw materials, and also improves the quality of services already provided.
"Second life" can receive such products, substances and materials:

waste fluorescent lamps;
all sorts of waste oils;
cans from chem. substances;
lost their operational properties, including - spent chemical. substances;
Waste washes;
rechargeable batteries;
medical and medical waste.

Recycling of recyclable materials - Kiev, Brovary, Borispol, Baryshevka, Chernigov, Kipti, Nizhin, Kozelets, Nosovka, Bobrovica, Oster, Zgurovka, Yagotin and other cities and villages of Ukraine.

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