Asphalt - order and payment in Ukraine

Asphalt is a very in demand material at present - in conditions of intensive construction and rapid development of infrastructure. To create a practical and durable pavement, the use of high quality asphalt is required. Asphalt is also used as an insulating, as well as building material. There are natural and artificial asphalt. Natural asphalt - a rare phenomenon, occurs in the form of vein strata deposits. In modern road construction, asphalt is widely used as an artificial one. Turning to the company "Region-2001", you can buy asphalt of high quality at the best price in Kiev and Ukraine.

Artificial asphalt is of the following types:

Hot - contains a viscous bitumen - the temperature of laying such a material must be at least 120 degrees. Hot asphalt is laid on a previously prepared surface. The mixture with the help of specialized technology is evenly distributed throughout the area of ​​the new coating device, and then - compacted with rollers. Thus, as a rule, rapid asphalting is carried out.
Warm - contains a low-viscous bitumen, the sealing temperature of which is from 40 to 80 degrees.
Cold - contains liquid bitumen, which is compacted at low temperature, but not less than 10 degrees. This technology of asphalt paving is used when it is necessary to repair the pavement in the presence of pits, as well as in places that are difficult to access for large-sized machinery. The final consolidation of asphalt, made by the technology of cold laying, is achieved as a result of the impact of a moving transport stream.

Delivery and payment of asphalt

To order asphalt with delivery to any locality of Ukraine you can by contacting the representative of the enterprise "Region-2001" by phone, which is indicated on the site. Materials are delivered to the facility to the customer with special equipment from the company's own vehicle fleet, Region-2001. Payment for an order can be made upon receipt in the most convenient way.

We will always provide quality asphalt and delivery to the cities: Kiev, Brovary, Borispol, Baryshevka, Chernigov, Kipti, Nizhin, Kozelets, Nosovka, Bobrovica, Oster, Zgurovka, Yagotin and other cities and villages of Ukraine.