Asphalt-concrete - order and delivery in Ukraine

Asphalt concrete is a mixture of bitumens with gravel, crushed stone, and / or sand, as well as special additives. After packing and consolidation, asphalt-concrete mixtures acquire the properties of a technical stone. Various asphalt mixes are used for repair, reconstruction and laying of new layers of asphalt concrete pavement. About 85% of the composition of asphalt material is crushed stone or gravel, bitumen makes up about 6% of the total volume. Depending on the viscosity of the bitumen used, as well as its temperature during laying, such mixtures are distinguished for asphalt concrete: cold and hot. Hot asphaltic concrete and mixtures are of three types depending on the maximum size of mineral grains: sandy, fine-grained, coarse-grained.

Equipment required for the production of asphalt concrete:

workshop for the preparation of asphalt-concrete mixture;
sorting and crushing plant;
workshop for the production of mineral powder;
power and steam power department;
laboratory for quality control of the products;
repair and mechanical workshops.

The procurement and production enterprise "Region-2001" produces high-quality asphalt-concrete mixtures in exact accordance with GOSTs and current quality standards. Production facilities of the plant allow us to produce asphalt concrete in any volumes, deliver materials to Kiev and the Kiev region, as well as to any locality in Ukraine.

Delivery and payment of asphalt concrete

The enterprise "Region-2001" delivers asphaltic concrete to the facilities to customers at the exact time specified. This is possible due to the well-coordinated work of the team of professionals, as well as the use of special equipment, which is the property of the plant. The payment for the order can be made upon receipt of materials, upon the fact of the work performed by specialists of the ZPHP "Region-2001".

We will always provide quality asphalt concrete and delivery to the cities: Kiev, Brovary, Borispol, Baryshevka, Chernigov, Kipti, Nizhin, Kozelets, Nosovka, Bobrovica, Oster, Zgurovka, Yagotin and other cities and villages of Ukraine.