Asphalting roads, road and pavement construction - order and delivery in Ukraine

Asphalting roads as the creation of high quality road pavements is an essential component in the improvement of any territory. The procurement and production enterprise Region-2001 provides a full range of road paving services - from project development to final pavement treatment.

Traditionally, the asphalting procedure consists of the following stages:

Study of the territory. A specialist of the Region-2001 enterprise visits the site where asphalt laying is planned to assess the physical and geological features of the terrain and climate, calculate the actual transport load. At this stage, a preliminary estimate of costs is possible.
Development of the project in accordance with the results of the study.
Preparation of the road surface: disassembly and removal of old asphalt concrete or ground; foundation device; dismantling of road plates.
Laying of new asphalt of high quality on the prepared pavement.
Sealing new coating.
Finishing the coating with a special bitumen emulsion.

Depending on the type of material used, they distinguish between cold asphalting and the laying of hot asphalt. The main priority for the company "Region-2001" is the creation of a high-quality asphalt-concrete coating - improving the exterior of the territory, wear and heat resistant, resistant to heavy traffic, watertight. This is possible due to careful planning and elaboration of every step of road asphalt.

Payment for road construction

Having ordered the asphalting of roads and the creation of a new road surface at the blanket-production enterprise Region-2001, you never doubt the feasibility of financial investments. We have democratic competitive prices and, fundamentally, always the high quality of the materials produced and the work of our specialists. The enterprise "Region-2001" has all the necessary documents and licenses for all types of declared services. The payment for the executed road construction can be made in any convenient way for the customer - the company takes care that cooperation with the client is always as comfortable for both sides.

We will always make quality asphalting, road and road construction in the cities of Kiev, Brovary, Borispol, Baryshevka, Chernigov, Kipti, Nizhin, Kozelets, Nosovka, Bobrovica, Oster, Zgurovka, Yagotin and other towns and villages of Ukraine.